Uphill Rush 6 Game

Uphill Rush 6 – Ideas and desires for the game’s future existence and sequel talk galore

Rush to the Future 

You’ve got to love Uphill Rush. The notoriously stunt-filled series’ most recent flash venture , Uphill Rush 5, allowed us the privilege of riding up, down, around, over, and through a multitude of different terrains, popping some mad stunts along the way and also earning enough money to purchase customisations for your racer as well as different race vehicles. Visually, the game was quite impressive, and functionally, well let’s just say that I have sacrificed many minutes of my once-deprived life to the game, with said deprivation seeming to evaporate right around the time I discovered the game, actually. We all know it’s no coincidence, but a man can only enjoy a game for so long before he goes and seeks out the hacked version and immediately experiences everything that the game has to offer without putting any of the work in, at which point I begin to yearn for a sequel. Today’s short gallop through the meadow of prospective imaginings is simply an exercise in what we (read: I) would like to see in Uphill Rush 6.

Physics Issues

Firstly, I wouldn’t mind spinning some non-fictional yarn about the game’s physics, which in spite of the 5 current titles within the series, has not yet reached a standard that makes you even moderately impressed at how the game feels. Sure, this game’s got style, some substance, and some upgrades, but the fact that the physics don’t quite feel right is a colossal letdown when you’re travelling through the air and attempting to flip your racer for his fifth 360, and all you’re met with is slugging unresponsiveness and movement that doesn’t immediately correspond to your control input. Sure, there needs to be some challenge, but I don’t think I’m mistaking the mastering of manoeuvring with bad physics here, it’s just plain off-feeling gravity and movement through the air, and it needs a-fixin’ before Uphill Rush 6 springs into existence.


I enjoy a good selection of game modes: they apply different contexts to a game that would otherwise get a little repetitive and allow you to challenge yourself and better different areas of skill required for the game, which is why I feel a little disappointed when playing Uphill Rush 5. The source of this disappointment? The lack of other modes to play the game in, with ‘Start Game’ leading you through the one and only mode of play that is designated for you by the game in the form of tournaments of escalating difficulty. Please, Spil Games, sort us out with a time trial mode, a sudden death mode, or even just a practice mode where you get to dip in and out of different levels as you please in order to refine you skills for each one and also practice the difficult spots in them.


I’m all for the easy performing of mid-air manoeuvres by pressing the spacebar to initiate them, but isn’t this just a little too easy? Remember Mortal Kombat in which you had to literally learn a sequence of moves that was 30 cm in length just to perform a simple brutality finisher on your opponent? You think you could have gotten away with just flicking a single button, and if you could, would it have felt as satisfying? The only answer that doesn’t ruin my argument here is no, so on that basis, it would be nice to have a different variety of moves assigned to certain button combinations instead of simply pressing the spacebar to perform a generic, unspecified manoeuvre at any given time.

Menu Issue

It’s probably (definitely) a minor issue, but when you want to get stuck straight into the action of the game, you have to wait for the menus to flick slowly to the next option, which actually takes about 3-4 seconds, but in actual fact grinds my gears more every time it happens. I understand the need for some between-game flashiness, but the annoying wait between starting the game, choosing your tournament, choosing difficulty, and customising your getup is ridiculously frustrating: less of this in Uphill Rush 6, please.